boron nitride nozzle

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Using advanced hot-pressing and sintering process, the produced hexagonal boron nitride nozzle has fine cross-section, high bending strength, long service life, excellent high temperature resistance, good electrical insulation, thermal conductivity, and excellent Machining performance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance.also boron nitride nozzle has excellent thermal shock resistance and chemical stability, good moisture resistance to molten metal, slag and glass, and do not bond and react with most metals, ceramics, rare earth materials, do not crack after high temperature liquid metal scour, resistance to metals, carbon Corrosion, thermal shock resistance, long service life. this kind of boron nitride ceramic is mainly used as nozzles, leaking nozzles, and diversion tubes for atomization powder making.also we can make boron nitride ceramics according to the actual needs of customers.